Protel and NetBill (internet charging) integrated solution

Today, most guests in the hotel are requesting for the Internet. The quality of provided Internet during their stay has a direct impact on their satisfaction, their willingness to re-select the hotel and the total amount of privilege they receive at the hotel.
According to a study conducted by, it shows that the Internet is the most important feature that a hotel can offer to its guests. Internet functionality in the hotel is even more important than breakfast, entertainment and sports center and other luxurious things. Protel software has the ability to connect to the NetBill Internet Charging network, one of the most famous Internet calling systems, so that the exchange of some information, such as direct sending of Internet bill to the guest account, allows the registration of some guests' information in the database of the Internet charging system Follow up on incident and trouble and so on in this integrated hotel solution.

Key Features

Security Enhancement

The NetBill system has the ability to create security against threats and risks for users and the hotel network, as well as controlling users' access to the Internet and intercept user activities when the hotel faces a problem or issue, is another security factors that these systems provide.

Provide Different Charging Methods

Due to the different nature of the guests in the hotel, it is possible to provide various packages of the Internet like hourly, daily, weekly or according to the volume of consumption and the type of content, which will give the guests greater flexibility for this type of service and for the hotel to generate income. This feature is fully integrated in the Protel and NetBill integrated solution.

Bandwidth Management

Controlling and managing bandwidth for users and defining consumer packages will reduce the cost of the Internet and, on the other hand, make more revenue in this section.

Hotel Technology

“Adl Afarinan-e-Mandegar” is the sole proprietor of Protel Hotel software, Germany, and is the sole provider of “international standardized IT systems in the hospitality industry” in Iran. A full range of services, including advice, Supply and maintenance, Establishment and Integration and Education with the International Valid Certificates in the field of hotel technology, have been presented Since 2006.

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