Point of Sale Software

Matrix POS software is a new, capable and flexible product which can be used in all restaurants, hotels and business centers.
According to its modularity and flexible structure, it can be used in restaurants, bars and self-services. Matrix is compatible with various devices, hardware and software modules and connectors. Matrix software is composed of 2 main parts: “POS Touch” and “POS Office”.
Detailed restaurants income accurate records, separately and collectively, periodic and comparative reports, various foods and drinks statistics, clients credit reports and all clients’ sale report are some of the most important points that should be covered and controlled by mechanization systems.
Matrix office system is used for central management, reporting, data analysis and storage. It also can exchange information and integrate with exterior systems like “Kost” and “Protel” through standard connectors.
Rail POS developed by ADL is an easy to use software with lots of abilities. This software is perfectly compatible with Protel and is able to send and receive ordering and invoices to Proel.

Key Features

Ability to receive different currencies

Central access to stored information on other hotels is possible through Protel Hotel Software. This system allows you to integrate inbound reservations from different channels and you can centrally plan for other hotel reservations.

Table Change and Transition Possibility

Rack room type assists you in group reservation in different periods of time and to choose different types of rooms. This rack also provides a general outlook of the hotel for example the occupation percentage, number of confirmed, pending and conditional reservations besides definitions of different events.

Defining Cost Center’s Layout

Each guest is unique thus making guests’ exclusive profiles the most suitable place to insert data that makes them unique and exclusive. Besides through their address, reservation and detailed budget information you can follow their demands and preferences and lay foundation to an effective marketing.

Comprehensive Reporting

With only one click you will have all the information and the means to import that information. Protel scroller is the center of the software. Through this you will have complete access to all information related to the guests. You can transfer this data at any time. Just right click on the guest’s name in any list and you’ll have all the tools.

Hotel Technology

“Adl Afarinan-e-Mandegar” is the sole proprietor of Protel Hotel software, Germany, and is the sole provider of “international standardized IT systems in the hospitality industry” in Iran. A full range of services, including advice, Supply and maintenance, Establishment and Integration and Education with the International Valid Certificates in the field of hotel technology, have been presented Since 2006.

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