Adotel, the first channel manager for hotel data distribution in the tourism industry of Iran

The extensive network of distribution channel manager for the Adl Company has been designed and implemented with the brand name "Adotel" in order to put Iran Hotels in the route of international tourism data exchange.
Despite the existence of significant sanctions on the subject, especially in the area of payment with credit cards (visa / master), with the extensive establishment, today booking of a large number of online travel agencies and also on the website of Iranian hotels has been facilitating and formalizing.
For this mean, the Adotel Distribution Channel Management Network includes several systems that put Iranian hotels on the global hotel business distribution ecosystem and adequately covers the infrastructure requirements. With the precise knowledge of the state of the information infrastructure and communication technology in the hotel industry, which attracted 10 years of professional experience in this field and benefited from European consultants and partners, the first channel manager in Iran Launched in the hotels of Esteghlal, Azadi, Evin and etc, Tehran during 6 months trial period, resulted in obtaining 100 billion IRR, directly from foreign destinations and entering the tourism to the Country according to the global routines.
The stakeholders of this massive project are not only hotels and travelers, but also all service providers that operate on various platforms, such as mobile, web, internet portals, etc., who can do it through infrastructure communications to receive inventory resettlement capacities of the country and restore the information of the booked reservations. The hotel notification is also provided through the same platform, which is based on various protocols, including direct communication with the hotel management system or exchange with wholesalers or data aggregators, or interconnect switches or central reservation systems, in accordance with standard protocols.
To do this, a large amount of technical development and a large number of software connections are implemented, and many other things are being planned and implemented. Connections to external engines also create numerous potentialities in income management and rate setting, and hotels that utilize the management services of distribution channels of the firm's long-term equilibrium corporations help improve revenue and sales development.
Also, developing partnerships with Google's rivals and international social networking sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, and commentary portals and internationally-recognized loyalty clubs, will lead to improved hotel services and upgrading the quality, and further steps will continue in Adotel\’s extensive network. It will quickly penetrate the hotel market.

Adotel Data Distribution Channel Management Network

Key Features

Entrance Gate to International Hotel Information Technology Ecosystem

Today, communication between service providers and its applicants in the hotel industry is managed and established through the internet, and the old procedures are generally dismantled and obsolete. Technology had made booking processes easier and changes the behavior of passengers through time, and so hotels must also equip themselves to meet the needs of travelers based on new procedures. The application of international hotel software offers and sells existing hotel facilities in the international arena, leading to significant reductions in executive and manpower costs.

Increasing hotel revenue by deploying a Revenue Management System (RMS))

A solution to maximize hotel revenues in the short term based on modeling of residential parameters, the solution to reduce the opportunity cost lost due to the lack of daily sales rooms, the way to access global data to compare rates, inventories and constraints, Optimal management of individual and group guests, an accurate and accurate decision making process on guest admission and booking over capacity, an analytical approach to using large data for major hotel decisions, a policy on guest behavior with short-term bookings, Mid-term and long-term guests, covering fixed hotel expenses and arranging Different seasons of low demand and demand of the hotel and optimization of hotel capacity and income

Adotel, Distribution Channels Manager System

Adotel technology is the first distribution channel manager in Iran’s tourism industry. This technology includes international data exchange abstracts, online communication with hotels and data centers and online travel agencies with international standards. Set of agreements and contracts will guarantee distribution channel manager operations that this ecosystem manages. Any accommodation (containing hotels and residences, manufacturers of hotel property management systems, hotels’ availability and prices aggregators, online and local agencies) can use Adotel to be present on international hospitality cyberspace
. It has been more than 30 years since Global Distribution Systems began working; while GDS has had no use in Iran for various reasons. The most important reason is of course the lack of connection with international abstracts which now PMS as a hospitality solution has solved. Direct information exchange with 4 main international distribution system Amadeus, Sabre, Wordspan and Galileo will automatically publish rates and availability for sale, through 600,000 travel agencies and more than 1,000 online travel agencies around the world therefore hotel’s occupancy rate will increase effectively. On the other hand, online portals like,, Expedia, etc. which send guests’ requests directlyto the hotel, are getting more popular every day, and PMS is able to connect hotels to more than 50 of these Internet Distribution Systems (IDS).
Tourists and travelers like to reserve their rooms cheaper without meditators like travel agencies, using these websites. Hotels should adapt their ways based on guests’ requests. Social Media is spreading more among people every day. People’s comments on the quality of the services they receive in different places while traveling is easily accessible on Tripadviser, and every one will use these opinions and it will affect their decisions, so many use Facebook, Twitter, etc. to publish their own opinion, likes and dislikes to play an influential role on the tourism business. In the meanwhile, the connection hotels can make with their old or new customers will have an important part in the business. PMS will automatically connect hotel to the social media using the guests’ information on PMS’s server, so an efficient software system will do its job for an active and impressive presence on Social Media and it will make a good picture of hotel on cyberspace, to bring long term benefits and achievements for the hotel and tourism business.

Adotel Customers

  • Tooba Hotel
  • Taj Mahal Hotel
  • Pamchal Hotel
  • Simorgh Hotel
  • Eram Kish Hotel
  • Laleh Yazd Hotel
  • Traditional Darreh Bagh Accommodation
  • Negin Kashan Hotel
  • Sorinet Sadaf Hotel
  • Fazeli Yazd Hotel
  • Sepahan Hotel
  • Part Hotel
  • Aghazade Abarkooh Hotel
  • Sheikh Bahaei Isfahan Hotel
  • Iranshahr Hotel
  • Park Urmia Hotel
  • Qasr Mashhad Hotel
  • Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel
  • Tourist Isfahan Hotel
  • Parsis Hotel
  • Apadana Persepolis Hotel
  • Arg Yazd Hotel
  • Mehr-o-Mah Hotel
  • Chamran Hotel
  • Tehran Grand Hotel
  • Amiran Hotel
  • Pars Hotel
  • Simorgh Hotel
  • Sahel Talei Qeshm Hotel
  • Aqa Zadeh Bootik Hotel
  • Mehr Tehran Hotel
  • Tourism Development Corporation
  • International Palace Mashhad Hotel

Iran Travel and Tourist West Hotels

  • Tabriz Tourist Accomodation
  • Jolfa Tourist Hotel
  • Sarab Tourist Hotel
  • Marand Tourist Hotel
  • Urmia Tourist Hotel
  • Khoy Tourist Hotel
  • Maku Tourist Hotel
  • Zanjan Tourist Hotel
  • Aligoodarz Tourist Hotel
  • Khorram Abad Sarab Keeyow Tourist Hotel
  • Alisade Tourist Hotel
  • Sanandaj Tourist Hotel
  • Marivan Tourist Hotel

Iran Travel and Tourist East Hotels

  • Birjand Tourist Hotel
  • Bastam Tourist Hotel
  • Semnan Tourist Hotel
  • Damghan Tourist Hotel
  • Shahrud Tourist Hotel
  • Zahedan Tourist Hotel
  • Bam Tourist Hotel
  • Rafsanjan Tourist Hotel
  • Sirjan Tourist Hotel
  • Hamam Vakil Kerman Teahouse
  • Kerman Tourist Hotel
  • Mahan Tourist Hotel

Iran Travel and Tourist North Hotels

  • Khalkhal Tourist Hotel
  • Dorna Tourist Hotel
  • Dizin Tourist Hotel
  • Takestan Tourist Hotel
  • Gorgan Naharkhoran Tourist Hotel
  • Astara Tourist Hotel
  • Anzali Tourist Hotel
  • Lahijan Tourist Hotel
  • Abbas Abad Behshahr Tourist Restaurant
  • Chalus Tourist Hotel
  • Khazarshahr Tourist Hotel
  • Chalandar Tourist Hotel
  • Dorna Nomadic Eco Camp Inn

Parsian Hotels

  • Parsian Enghelab Hotel
  • Parsian Evin Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Yazd Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Isfahan Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Kermanshah Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Khazar Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Ramsar Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Hamedan Hotel
  • Parsian Buali Hamedan Hotel
  • Parsian Shiraz Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Yasuj Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Shahrekord Hotel
  • Parsian Abadan Hotel
  • Parsian Kowsar Isfahan Hotel
  • Parsian Ali Qapu Hotel
  • Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Tehran Hotel
  • Parsian Kowsar Tehran Hotel
  • Parsian Esteghlal Hotel

Iran Travel and Tourist South Hotels

  • Boushehr Delvar Tourist Hotel
  • Shiraz Tourist Hotel
  • Fasa Tourist Hotel
  • Firuzabad Tourist Hotel
  • Larestan Tourist Hotel
  • Takhte Jamshid Tourist Hotel
  • Minab Tourist Hotel
  • Yasuj Tourist Hotel

Iran Travel and Tourist Central Hotels

  • Daran Tourist Hotel
  • Mahan Isfahan Tourist Hotel
  • Golpaygan Tourist Hotel
  • Nain Tourist Hotel
  • Shemshak Tourist Hotel
  • Meygun Tourist Hotel
  • Shahrekord Tourist Hotel
  • Hamam Khan Yazd Traditional Teahouse
  • Yazd Tourist Hotel

Homa Hotel Group

  • Ahmadabad Homa Hotel
  • Khayam Homa Hotel
  • Shiraz Homa Hotel
  • Bandarabbas Homa Hotel
  • Tehran Homa Hotel

“Adl Afarinan-e-Mandegar” is the sole proprietor of PMS Hotel software and is the sole provider of “international standardized IT systems in the hospitality industry” in Iran. A full range of services, including advice, Supply and maintenance, Establishment and Integration and Education with the International Valid Certificates in the field of hotel technology, have been presented Since 2006.

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