Alcatel Integrated Solution

Telecommunication and communication systems are one of the essential requirements of the hotel, which, if used correctly, can not only make a lot of automated activities for the hotel, but also increase the income and guests’ satisfaction.
Apart from providing internal and external communication to the guests, the telecommunication and central systems allow them to get in touch with the hotel's users through a variety of facilities from anywhere.
Other smart features, such as wake-up calls, room conditions, messaging, and special offers to guests and uninterrupted calls, can be a great experience for the guest. Most of the features mentioned above regarding the use of telephone systems in the hotel are once beneficial to interact with the hotel property management system. Asset Management Systems, which include guest information and related reservations, will interact with telephone systems to exchange and transfer information. The information available at each time will be profitable for the hotel to be transmitted between different systems.
PMS asset management system is fully compatible with most Alcatel PBX models, which can be used as one of the most effective integrated solutions in the hotel.

Alcatel Integrated Solution - PBX Interface

Key Features

Increasing guests’ satisfaction

Making phone calls from the hotel is one of the basic needs during the stay, which will increase guests’ satisfaction while staying in the hotel if using a proper telephone system and providing appropriate services to the guests.

Automating routine phone activities

If using the hotel's central telephone system, most of the phone-related processes will be routine and automated, which will reduce the hotel's need for the operator to perform this process.

Revenue Increase

Most hotels, due to the lack of proper communication between the hotel software and the telephone system, are not able to send telephone fees on invoices during the checkout, which will result less hotel revenues. If you use this integrated solution, the cost of the phone will be redeemed on the guest bill instantly.

Hotels Using PBX Interface

5 Star Hotels

  • Parsian Esteghlal Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Hotel
  • Parsian Kowsar Isfahan Hotel
  • Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel
  • Ana Hotel Urmia
  • NOVOTEL Hotel

4 Star Hotels

  • Parsian Enghelab Hotel
  • Parsian Evin Hotel
  • Parsian Kowsar Tehran Hotel
  • Parsian Aliqapou Hotel
  • Ibis Hotel
  • Amiran Neyshabur Hotel
  • Tehran Grand Hotel
  • Arg Jadid Yazd Hotel

3 Star Hotels

  • Parsian Yazd Hotel

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