Vingcard Integrated Solution

Card locks are usually magnetic or electromagnetic, they work with electronic relays inside them which are sensitive to electronic voltage or electromagnetic field changes for opening and closing the doors.
The guest gets the activated car for only one lock and doesn’t work with others. This card is used as magnetic or electromagnetic lock activator to move the relay in order to open and close the door.
One of these locks features is their connection with hotel management software so that the door is opened only after reservation is confirmed otherwise it won’t be opened, so the staff or others can’t break through anytime. The connection between these systems and hotel management system is a challenging debate. The ability to connect to different parts of hospitality software like reception and reservation is one of the appropriate software features.
PMS is able to connect to lots of Card lock systems like Saflok, Vingcard, Honeywell and Siemens and exchange information easily with these software.

Vingcard Integrated Solution

Key Features

Security Enhancement

Due to the relationship between these systems and the hotel management software, it can be ensured that the opening and closing of the room is dependent on guests' check-in and check-out, so other people are not able to open and enter the room.

Easy Maintenance

In the old and traditional hotel systems that use the key, there are problems such as holding, losing, low security and confusion with other door keys, which, have been solved, with the introduction of these systems to the hotel industry.

Reduce Costs

In old systems, if keys are lost either in room or outside, they are forced to switch the lock to prevent theft and keep it safe, which is expensive and time-consuming. now, if the visitor forgets to deliver his card, just another card is defined for the room, in less than one minute.

Hotels Using Key Encoding Systems

5 Star Hotels

  • Parsian Esteghlal Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Hotel
  • Parsian Kowsar Isfahan Hotel
  • Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel
  • NOVOTEL Hotel

4 Star Hotels

  • Parsian Enghelab Hotel
  • Parsian Evin Hotel
  • Parsian Kowsar Tehran Hotel
  • Parsian Aliqapou Hotel
  • Ibis Hotel

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